3D Machining

Mould machining for the plastic industry

Tecdigital has equipment with 3 and 5 axes supported by up-to-date CAD / CAM systems that allow it to guarantee the customer a high degree of precision and surface finishes in a short period of time.

 Metal mechanics

Mold structures
Stamping, dies and cutting tools.

The machining of structures and stamping tools requires larger equipment. Tecdigital has machining centers with dimensions up to 4000 x 2100 x 900 mm.




Resin machining, scale models and prototypes.

We carry out innovative projects, associated with the modeling and visualization of complex forms, between architecture and technologies little explored in what concerns the construction industry.
Three-dimensional machining applies to a multitude of areas and projects. In this case, it is a Family crest machined in bronze, with a contrast in the finish between the gloss and the matte.